Wake up

Aside calm, restlessness and atypical poise
Live in the moment
Of music and cacophony,
Wonderful, they are
Blend them all.

Wake up
Hug, kiss, nod, smile
or wink
Special moments are waiting
At the tip of your nails

Paint your days vivid
Storm your nights-
Draw patterns
Of hope, freedom and love
Walls? Take them down

Subdued or shy
You are not;
The chains fell off
Long back,
Take down the rest now

We were born to love
Not hate.

I am linking this poem Dversepoets Meeting The Bar, where Bjorn made us poetic journalists. Make a point and utilize the tools of irony and humor to comment burning events- Today is not the day to be subtle or speak in metaphors but rather blunt and straightforward.

Today the news that caught my sight was that, in India, a first commercial is made for condoms, that celebrates sex and a popular film actor jumps in to do so – breaking all trends, in a nation, where it is always discouraged to be vocal on your own pleasure, quite contrary to the hypocrisies that are nurtured. I wish the youth of the nation to wake up to love.

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10 thoughts on “Wake up

  1. interesting culturally…of course here in america it is common place…its a sad thing to see trending across cultures though….oy…not sure i would label it love either…there is your irony..ha

  2. Quite a bold step from Ranveer Singh to become the brand ambassador of Durex..as far as our country is concerned , still there is a taboo..a social as well as mental one to discuss about sex …

    Nice take on the prompt..:-) well done..

  3. The sad thing is, once the walls come down, sometimes the change is TOO fast. The west has gone from quite conservative just a generation back to the point where you can’t walk through a shopping mall without seeing nearly pornographic images outside of the stores. I really wish that we could dial it back here.

  4. I think talking about it is never a bad thing…I’ve already had too many friends die from AIDS related illness. The more you know, the more able you are to protect yourself.

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