In the end

Up north,
The last rock of Ireland
Ocean makes and breaks the silence
Waves smash into rocks
Birth of
Sparkling little shiny droplets
I/we learn new colours-

Loch Ness
Folklore tunes
Overflowing the valley
A lonely drink
A few moments before the sunset
Wish I had wings-

Uneven rocks lying on the shore
An old seal, now resting
Or a young mermaid
I could be one of them
A baby with the seal
Or a lost sailor, courting the mermaid-

Come destiny,
Turn me into a stone
A bird
Or not,
I’ll open the door for you.

Journey ends
The road doesn’t
The calling

I am linking this poem to Dversepoets Poetics, where Shanyn has us write about rhythm of road. Here I write about two of my favourite destinations. Sadly, I have lost all my Scotland and Ireland photos. What I have shared here is a calm sunset at Newquay, Cornwall. Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

15 thoughts on “In the end

  1. journeys end
    but the road doesn’t—how true is that
    and yes, it will always call.

    cool construct man—somehow i got on a loch ness sight the other day…a bunch of pictures…i hope we never have explanations for things like that…i rather like the legends as they are….smiles.

  2. Your words have produced an image of the place …perfectly. And the call of the road really never ends…it’s a seductive invitation ..

    P.S. Hope the Loch ness monster really resides only in tales .. 😛

  3. Ahhh… This prompt and the poems it’s inspired makes me soooooo want to go traveling again… *sigh* Beautiful write!

  4. How lovely. I felt like I was on Ireland’s coast with you. Though I’ve never visited, I did live in Brittany and I do have Irish DNA mixed in there somewhere. I liked your “prayer” to destiny.

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