A thousand years young
Valor written on my bare chest,
Prying eyes, from the mask
May be

Oh! My armor
Impervious to atrocities
As you make me,
I become you
Every day.

Crown me with triumph
Millennium isn’t easy
Sweat, tears, blood
Are priceless
– I wear them all.

Come another thousand years
I’d still wear them with pride
All that inscribed on my armor
Not fatigue, dismay, failure

Come sunrise
I’ll have a box of surprises.

Tonight on Dversepoets Poetics, Anthony has us write on visual art form by Phyllis Galembo. Visit here to read some wonderful poetry.

23 thoughts on “Armor

  1. dang….there is a cool magic in your words….some great lines too abhra…
    As you make me,
    I become you…is just a mind blower…
    my fav stanza though is the priceless toil
    wearing them all and taking pride in them
    cool write…

  2. Beautiful. A poem to treasure and be proud of.
    It brings out the beauty of the image, of the creator of the costume/mask, the person standing there: you pay them homage and add a layer of your own to the total package.

  3. a thousand years young… cool..and i like how you play off his chest and that box of surprises there in the close..As you make me,
    I become you…another fav part…

  4. Wonderful poem! I love,
    ‘Sweat, tears, blood
    Are priceless
    – I wear them all’

    And of course, ‘As you make me, I become you’. WOW. Amazingly well expressed!

  5. Come sunrise
    I’ll have a box of surprises

    True enough! Often upon the next day one will have lots of ideas to work on. Having slept on it ideas just fly in, in abundance! Nicely Abhra!


  6. I thought I was reading your self-portrait poem, which gave it a different twist altogether until I realized this was for another prompt!
    What a spellbinding poem this is, and would stand on its own without a prompt as one to discover again and again…

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