Color thy world!

Dreamy as rose!Someday
I’ll color you,
Splash lively orange like dawn
Or, lush green like meadows-
The sunflower beckon gold

You’ll take the thickest brush
And paint
Mauve, viridian or sindoor
Just name it.

I’ll swap the darkness bit by bit
Tell you,
‘Holi’ isn’t for nothing

As I leave you the palette and eyes.

Join me on Dversepoets poetics tomorrow. Write about coloring worlds. Holi is a festival of colors and coloring our loved ones. If I really wanted to color someone, then I would find who don’t get to see the beautiful world.

24 thoughts on “Color thy world!

  1. I worked for 30 years with blind students, mostly legally-blind with color impairments. How wonderful it was to use technology to assist them in their quest for sharper color perception. Your poem, your sharing of Holi, perfectly illustrates your prompt.

  2. In fact when I was visiting India it had been colors all day all the time. The beautiful saris on ladies or clothes lining up the shop windows or even fruits at the various vendors. Was not there for Holi but I would imagine colors would be enhanced many times over then. Beautifully written Abhra and many thanks for hosting!


  3. Mauve, light purple, veridian, blue-green more green than blue and sindoor, red or red-orange, fantastic colors to encourage black to contrast peacefully in their company, as your poetry reminds us; thank you…

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