The spring & the prince

Fields of gold# 1

Light, prism, spectrum, shorter wavelengths
Minium, niveous, russet, azure
on the contrary

Oh! Celeste
Come spring,
I’ll pick linguistics over science any day

Xanthic, olivaceous
Will be my world
Desert rose in my arms
Till it is atrous night


# 2

I gave away all my gold
Last winter,
Wasn’t enough
To buy all the woes

Come springReach up to the sky!
I’ll be born again
And again next year
As long as I have to

Happy prince of the world.

Tonight on Poetics, Grace has us write about use of colours & seasonal change of hues or cultural myths into our words. Here are two short poems on Spring. I am sure you’ll also choose language over quantum physics (light gives birth to the debate of particle and energy), given the colours you see over Spring.

xanthic yellow; yellowish
minium vermilion; red lead
niveous snowy; white
russet reddish brown

Refer to this link for more unusual colour terms. My second piece is a tribute to Oscar Wild – remembering his great story of happy prince. In a sense, trees are happy prince of our world, who are reborn at every spring, by growing new leaves and all that is to give so much to the world. I hope you like contribution to this creative prompt.

For my friends on Dversepoets, the photos are from the place where I grew up – After I wrote this, I wanted to add some visual as well.

26 thoughts on “The spring & the prince

  1. i will take being reborn every year…and spring…there are just some things that gold can not buy…and i will take my lingiuistics with science…i think they all play together anyway…mysteries just to be sung in the verse….smiles.

  2. ha – ’ll pick linguistics over science any day as well… and i LOVE spring…my fav time of the year…i go a bit crazy in spring… wanna cherish each precious moment… cool on the color words you included..

  3. Love your choices of colors, Abhra; and I definitely would choose linguistics over science as well. Like the idea of being born again each spring. I identify with that, feel that rebirth each year!

  4. Science is necessary but my personal choice is linguistics. Thank you for sharing your own colors of choice. In your second poem, I can feel and identify with the renewal spring suggests.

  5. Both pieces are filled with unusual colors indeed Abra ~ I like the inviting lines of Come Spring & being born again ~ And yes, I would pick linquistics over science too ~

  6. Somehow, just the names of some colors project me into a kaleidoscopic explosion of words & image; very new work here, on both short pieces.

  7. I gave away all my gold
    Last winter,
    Wasn’t enough
    To buy all the woes

    Amazing verse, Abhra. Lovely pictures as well.

  8. I agree, I believe that trees are princes of our world too. I loved referring to that color chart…I used atrous too. So enjoyed both of your poems of rebirth…and color.

  9. you are correct, I’d pick linguistics over science….right now, I’d spurn both just to see spring finally sprout to life. I so enjoy the season of rebirth. lovely write.

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