Of alleway and polestars

Sensuality Tonight on Meeting the bar, Brian has us write on senses other than sight and this is where I am. Oh! and these are micro poetry as well – confined to the world of 140 characters each.






Is that you?
Gruff hands
Digging nails
discovering my alley
Where are your clothes?
Oh satin, pearl, ice

Sweet despair
Come let us be sin


What happened to the days?
Is it the new moon?
Where are the stars then?
Want to see them
At least the polestar
They’re only raping me

After using the theme of sensory deprivation on a sensual context of gratification, I couldn’t help writing about the other side of the coin – what it this was used for an abuse? A theme on which I have written once before here. The second one is an ode to a young girl who was kept captive for a few days before she was found by her family.

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19 thoughts on “Of alleway and polestars

  1. oh gosh…the last line in the second one came at me unaware…dang…

    the last lines in the first one almost seem to be asking it in…unless that is a second voice, since it is in italics, it could be…discovering my alley is an interesting turn of phrase in this abhra

  2. Damn, your tiny tomes thrash up my anger, kick-start my angst; it is hard enough to hear these things about strangers on the news, but what about when the abuse hits home, & it is your daughter; unless you are the abuser, & then I have only rancor for you.

  3. You have written a powerful set of poems that work together nicely. I love the language of the first one and the second one is heartbreaking.

  4. Those closing lines on here are striking. I particularly enjoyed “Come let us be sin”… smiles.. and the “raping me” was a bit of a nice shock. Such a mysterious pair of poems here.. smiles.

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