A perennial destiny

Lotus for sale


Drizzle water on me, yes
I look pristine
Grace of your house in a pot
Uprooted stem
Wither to death?
Drizzle some more water
As if it’s life


Deity, blessings
Love, fortune

Oh! my lotus
Epitome of grace
You live beyond motif

Don’t dry, you shall sell dearly

On Dversepoets poetics, Shanyn has us write micro poetry inspired by macro photography. Those who know me, need no telling that photography is my second poetry. Hope you like my contribution to the prompt. Lotus is also the national flower in India and has a great significance in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. You can read the work of others who participated from this link.

38 thoughts on “A perennial destiny

  1. not sure i would want to sell that lotus if it brought me that much…just saying, you know….smiles.

    in many ways, water is life.. so drizzle on.

    you do micro well abhra

  2. I like the way you did not go with the obvious, the exaltation of water, instead the disdainful tone says much more about the nature of things. And the second poem, with the last line, a twist at the end, speaks to a greater reality that befalls the beautiful and fleeting.

  3. Excellent macro Abhra…and the lines complimenting that…;water can only conceal the wither temporarily , it could never make the lotus live…somewhere I think that there is a subtle comparison with the condition of countless women who are forced to live a life like the lotus..

  4. I like the cynic tone in your last line- “as if it’s life”. (unless I misintepreted) you indeed bring out the essential yet not solely vital quality of water. We don’t always recognize the necessity of other things until they are no more.

  5. how nice it would be to leave it planted in the soil for its beauty to be retained longer – Lovely photograph and enjoyed both verses for the Micro.

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