Runic Inscriptions

Alone they are bare, derelict, hollow
A consummation of your life’s tears.

Words, such magical creatures
When found in an old notebook,
Change course of life.

Tucked them away in the old cupboard
Didn’t you – dad?
Thought that will keep them from the world, but me?

In the attic you left more for me than you think
Or, I’ll ever admit
Yellow, torn pages, genes, poetry.

I am linking this poem to Dversepoets Poetics, on the theme of “evolving as a poet”. When I was a young boy, I discovered poetry written by my father and took to writing. So literally an afternoon when I found his diary while playing attic, changed the course of my life. Hope you like it. Join in to read some wonderful poetry.

Oh! I hope you’ll like the song and see why I added it.

29 thoughts on “Runic Inscriptions

  1. really? your dad left you poetry? is that something you knew about him before ot was it something you learned later…that is so cool an inspiration…i dont think anyone in my family has ever written poetry….

    • Yes Brian – he used to write but I don’t know where he published or if he ever did. Whenever I ask him, he just smiles and doesn’t say anything about it – my writing habit started from that moment when I discovered his diary.

  2. oh how cool is that… my daughter who is in costa rica right now said that always when she feels a little homesick, she reads my poems on my blog cause she can feel me in them.. i bet it is the same with your dad… really wonderful abhra

  3. Love that you found your dad’s poetry and what a cool connection… My father really never wrote anything… but it would have been cool if I discovered it. He painted though… and that would be nice to include… (and nice to see you have Avicii as the video)… my niece visited during the weekend to go to a concert with him….

  4. Abhra, how wonderful it must have been to find this yellowed book of your dad’s poetry. Indeed, what a gift he left for you. I really think of poetry as legacy, and he left you a fine legacy indeed. Glad that it inspired you to write. And yes, I do think sometimes it can be in the genes!!

  5. I can understand how finding your dad’s notebook could be a great incentive to write poetry. “In the attic you left more for me than you think / Or, I’ll ever admit” – great lines!

  6. Love it, especially the final stanza, the last line. What a treasure to be passed on. May your poetry outlive you and fill the hearts of your own children.


  7. Pretty cool discovery ~ Good for you to see and read the notebook ~

    I discovered my son was into poetry so he actually encouraged me, ha ~ Now he has moved on to other things while I’m still writing, smiles ~

  8. words are magical creatures…waiting patiently to come to life. it’s nice that finding your father’s creatures allowed for you to hatch your own.

  9. Like finding a diamond in the ruff….great story. Certainly the gene was passed to you glad those old papers weren’t tossed or burned or lost…

  10. this gave me goosebumps, I dunno why but they did. brilliant.
    I came to know about my father’s writing much later. My grandfather was a poet too. maybe that’s why 🙂

  11. What a great story and I’m betting you just give your notebooks, and published books and chapbooks to your children and later grandchildren. It’s your inner self, your true emotional self and one you can’t divulge at family gatherings, weddings, funerals, birthdays even Christmases or Thanksgivings. Thank you for this.

  12. How wonderful to have your father’s poetry! I have some poems written by my ancestors too, and I think they would be amazed at how easily we can share our work in today’s world.

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