Chronicles of a traveller


‘You know?
Back in 2007, 26th Jan I spent the night in Stansted airport
Having missed the last flight and nowhere to go
Retired to a book, for some time,
Then watching life, hopping countries’

‘Old memories, huh?
You seem to remember dates well’

‘Oh! but I do – 4th September, later that year,
I did a similar prowl at Stranraer pier
Waiting for the first ferry to Belfast next morning,
Lost in Glasgow, late
Eager for home and rest,
Through silence, fatigue’

‘7 years and you talk about – as if almost it like yesterday’

‘Or, until recently, 9th October last year,
Flying over Europe early morning
I realized I was leaving a bright sun behind and
Moving towards darkness ahead
Something I had never seen’

‘Ah! Moments that never age!”

‘Right! You know, it’s not just a notebook
That traveled as much,
Not mere pages, handwritten dates/moments
Words, but not just words
Age shall not wary them, nor the years condemn’

‘Like that memorial in Ballymena?’

‘Like that – yes, the purest, the truest me
Will live on, and on-’

Tonight on dVersePoets Meeting The Bar, Victoria has us write about objects, their memories and metaphors. The first thing I could think about was the small notebook I carry along, in which I never write much but how the insignificant object has become an integral part of it. Hope you like it. Read the other poems from tonight’s prompt here. The photo was taken 7/8 years back in Ireland – a memorial of soldiers in first world war.

23 thoughts on “Chronicles of a traveller

  1. smiles…mine is usually a simple black moleskin…i was given some rather flash moleskins at christmas….Paris edition…haha…i capture little things that grab me…many may not make it to a poem…but i resonate with your words….

  2. cool to capture the little moments along the way in a notebook – i carry one with me as well – for my sketches – the notes and poetry goes in my iphone…smiles

    • Smiles – yes, for me too – simply for the ease of transferring them – but I once wrote a poem at the back of receipt sitting on the rocks of Irish sea. Pen and paper always lives for me.

  3. A beautiful capture of certain experiences while travelling… how wonderful to have a notebook to give words to an experience. A really cool write. And I really liked the ending. Well-penned.

  4. I used to keep them before in the notebook. Now I don’t ha, and would rather just keep them as reminders in my calendars ~ I think its neat to keep those details, brings back some nostalgia ~

  5. This is beautiful. I love those moments of waiting (most of the time) but especially that experience of flying with the sun, transcending time it seem. Keep that notebook. It’s a great way to discover poems.

    • Thank you so much Victoria – yes, I tend to keep my notebooks – except for one I have lost while changing houses, they travel with me and reminds me of the time so vividly.

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