Kings’ speech!


Do you know what failure can drive?
Potentially open a very wild side.

So! why not sink into sins of night?
And be a monarch who always lied?

People live on happiness and wage-
What about the moral principles saved?

Simple, don’t reconcile promises made
Smothered subjects are hardly a face!

Oh! you lost faith in the healing nurse?
My loyalty always live in the church.

End of rule might go wrong or worse!
Ah! people’s rule isn’t nourishing purse.

If you lose, there’s no coming back
Kingdom chooses the king, I tell you that.

This is a late entry to Dversepoets Meeting the bar prompt last week. I wrote this somewhere in my office laptop and missed it to post in time. However, I couldn’t resist myself from posting this late – because it was a great challenge for me to work upon. Read more on Tony’s post to know about the great history. We have to write a poem with the following set of rhymes:

drive, side, night, lied, wage, saved, made, face, nurse, church, worse, purse, back, that.

Here is my entry a modern day political satire.

Image Source: Chessonline

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21 thoughts on “Kings’ speech!

  1. you know…i’m glad that he’s patient and slow to anger and merciful when we fail — he often helped me to get up again after falling heavily… smiles.. cool that you took tony’s challenge – cool use of the words as well abhra

    • Smiles, yes I had to take the challenge – it was a bit of brain tickler, I wasn’t happy until I completed it 🙂 – though late.

    • Oh ! I can not agree more. I am planning to do so for some of the old challenges as well – which I couldn’t participate as I didn’t have time to write on.

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