Of love, tenderness and little things – 2

After I wrote Of love, tenderness and little things, I always wanted to write the same poem using the narrative of a woman. Here it is. I am linking this poem to OpenLinkNight on DVersepoets. Please join to read some wonderful poetry.

Love Hate

# 1
Walk tip toes and
Wrap that blanket over,
Cuddling on the couch
In cold of night –
I’d know,
Am not alone in my dreams.


Peep out of the newspaper
Make those faces
Funny, ridiculed or upset;
Sipping at the mug of coffee and morning news
Bitter, frothy –
The awful coffee you make,
I don’t really see
Why I relish that every drop of it
Or why that cream lingers on my lips.


Calm afternoon, still as water,
Is my world of Doppler effects
Sharp cry in the neighborhood
Hooting of birds
Stranger down the street,
Very serene –
Why do I love it to be shattered
By you sudden few seconds call?


You haven’t taken me to a theater
In a long time,
You don’t have to –
Perturb me,
Like a pebble does to a quiet lake
Looking at the waves on water
I’d know we can never be apart.

P.S. – Doppler effect is the phenomenon of changing frequency for moving sounds. Read here if you are interested.

Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee

30 thoughts on “Of love, tenderness and little things – 2

  1. nice…i like how you built in the doppler effect here…very cool and beautiful thoughts on love and relationship and all the little things that make it special..smiles

  2. I like reading romantic poetics in the evening; tastes like strawberries dipped in honey. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog & reading Scene 21 of BLACKTHORNE. In response to you inquiry, all of the earlier 20 scenes are printed on the blog; almost one per week for the last four months; all on dVerse OLN. Do you listen to my recitation of each piece; that can add depth. So just go to my archives on the left margin, and go back to Oct-Nov 2013, and fine Scene one, and work forward from there; thanks for your interest.

  3. The awful coffee you make,
    I don’t really see
    Why I relish that every drop of it

    One tends to be kind where there are already dear feelings despite the coffee being so. Very true sometimes Abhra!


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