The man in red coat and blue pants

I am sharing this poem to DVersePoets OpenLinkNight. where we have a new poet, Anthony, greeting us all. Following his suggestion, I wanted to write about some common objects in my bedroom. Once you read through, you will find how they are so special. Join OpenLinkNight to read some amazing poetry from poets all over the world here.


A red octopus
At peace with the duck that sings lullaby
Or a green tortoise,
A grey elephant
– Quite a colony together
Friendly neighborhood
They are

The ambulance, the white cooper
A man on a unicycle
Donald duck
Hide, jump crash into one other
The man lost a leg,
– The ambulance a wheel
Once a table clock, now
Lost its second hand

A lot of making and breaking
Tiny little fun
Balloon throwing
In a tiny red throne
– The queen takes up rein of her kingdom
A lot go into hiding,
Under bed, cupboard

I watch my child at play
And part of me
Sport a false moustache
And ride the unicycle in red coat and blue pants,
A white hair or two, underneath the hat
Age is a beautiful watch that never stops
– Yet going back in time is possible,
As a father, I like to believe.

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10 thoughts on “The man in red coat and blue pants

  1. I like watching children play & just imagining the world from their eyes ~ Very nice perspective here – let’s keep the child in us for as long as we can ~

  2. I enjoyed this, Abhra. I do think that one of the most delightful things about being a parent is having that opportunity to go back in time again. Having a child gives one a special license to play unashamedly. Smiles.

  3. I love this! It is wonderful to play with or to watch children play. They create such interesting worlds and stories. Thank you for the visit to my blog and the smile from this poem 🙂

  4. a lot of making and breaking…that line caught me as it is much of the toys that my boys grew up with, but also makes for a nice summation of life as well….i love playing with my kids…and watching them play as well…it keeps me young…

  5. I think we stay young by looking at life through a child’s eyes on occasions! I really enjoyed the tempo and imagery in your poem. Especially the man on the unicycle!

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