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Can we go there, brother?

A fine roof on your head, strong walls
When there is a storm,
Howling outside.

A soft blanket and fire
Warm, soothing
Beautiful snow,
At the window.

Good food on plate,
Waiting rose wine
In the glass,
Appetite – savour.

Take pleasure in life
Ignore the blatant signs –
Poverty, hunger, illiteracy, malnutrition
Are foul words, that
Live in a different world.

Enjoy freedom as long as you can,
Have-nots live
Beyond what you’re told
Are boundaries-

Sink into the wavy bed of luxury,
Whether to stand up for them
Or not
Is really a question,
How long we’ll pretend to be free.

During a photo walk, we took this snap within a narrow lane of Kolkata. Incidentally, this is Jorasanko, the birthplace of the great Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. I just couldn’t help mentioning it as a note.

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11 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. We can definitely enjoy things within our own walls, even when there is a waging storm outside. On the other hand……we really should not ignore the malnutrition and poverty and illiteracy outside our gates! A strong write here, Abhra.

  2. I’m glad you added that note…interesting. I always think that if there’s any one of us that isn’t free, fed and has all his needs met…none of us really are…

  3. I like the image of sinking into the wavy bed of luxury. It really is a lottery where you are born because it determines your outcome. Real poverty is only viewed on tv for most of the people in the west and even if they do travel they do not go to the third world so it is unknown to them. It is not a reality. Morally everyone should have basic human rights and there are many organizations who continue fighting for the cause for the oppressed.

    Among my first impressions when I visited the third world many years was how obscenely opulent and grandiose the dwellings were of the few in power who live there at the expense of the rest. The divisions between the rich and the poor are far greater there. Political change is the answer and the powerful few will do anything to stop it.

  4. ah we can only pretend so long that we’re free inside those luxurious walls while people outside are suffering… true freedom is to help making a change… really cool write abhra

  5. we try to insulate ourselves from the reality of such a world, because it intrudes on our comfort…and once they are out of sight they are out of mind and i can be free to live it up…but denial eventually catches up with you…

  6. We like to live in a world which we know has glass walls..we dare not to hurl those ” foul words ” towards it for we know once broken the very scene could make irreparable scars in our hearts 🙁

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