From here to eternity

Tonight at Meeting The Bar, Brian wants us to write stories in poetry that should have 5 key elements – Setting, Plot, Character, Conflict, and Theme. Here is one I had written sometimes back and reworked upon. The character names are typical Indian names because I needed to be familiar with them to write it. The photo used was taken by me sometime back in London, when I saw a group of Egyptian activists and I felt would suit my story. No more description. Hope you enjoy reading.

With protest from Egypt

Nikhilesh wrote a letter on a piece of ornate paper
Cursive, calligraphic words danced their heart out,
Graceful yet courteous they were, before
Ashalata crumpled the paper and threw it away
Rather heartlessly; He had no reason to take them back.

Ritu came across the paper on her way to class
Not meant for her, she sensed, but rescued all the same
Folded neatly among the thriller she was reading-
The letter lived years as a bookmark, till
Anish found it, and precisely the words
He couldn’t say to Ritu, now married and gone.

Vinay could only order a bouquet for a gorgeous Akansha
Not a verse to go with his mood or demeanour
Till Anish read out an old letter to him;
Re-printed on cursive fonts now, the old words
Read to a happy Akansha, blissful nuptial promises
Little did it matter to her who composed them.

What Nikhilesh once wrote for Ashalata
Were not mere words; not failure, forlorn
Like pheromone they came to life, love and fragrance
From here to eternity, life was becoming a poetry, again.

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15 thoughts on “From here to eternity

  1. life was becoming poetry again….nice close on this…

    pretty cool how those words made their own way to her, through hands and old books…and even into hands of one that did not write them but used them to express love just the same…

    its cool…have you ever seen the pIxar short film called ‘paperman’? you should google it…

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