The love tree


She planted a seed in the soil, poured water
The shoot came out,
After a day.

“What is that?” he exclaimed
“Our tree of love” she said
“There is a tree of love?”
“Yes, there is”-
She said calmly,
“Every couple has their own-
We need to nurture it
With love and compassion”

The seedling saw the sunlight
Took root into soil,
From a flowerpot
On the windowsill.

“How long it will take to grow?” he asked
“As long as it takes”, she said
“Like love,
A tree doesn’t grow in a day
We need more compassion”

Time flew in a gorgeous dream
Togetherness deepened –
The plant shifted from the flowerpot
To the garden,
“This is love, this is eternity”
He said to himself –
The plant grew up to a tree.

One morning, all of a sudden
She was gone
He screamed, called her and searched
She wasn’t there to be found,
“It didn’t grow in a day!” he yelled

The love tree that grew over years
Was chopped down,
In no time,
Only it didn’t sink into him so fast
What grows over years, can go in a moment.

Tonight at dverserpoets poetics – Bjorn has made us write about trees. Join to read some wonderful poetry.
Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee

17 thoughts on “The love tree

  1. I was caught by surprise by the unexpected ending ~ But you are right, anytime, anything can go in a moment ~ There was a big big tree behind us but one time there was a tornado & sadly the tree fell & was cut down to avoid any further damage ~ Good one ~

  2. …oh, a heart breaker piece… i didn’t as well expect that close… i thought it would end up in a happy state… but then still the learning is most important… that in a relationship, one effort is not enough to grow love… it requires teamwork from two people willing to take a lifetime of commitment ’til love grows & blooms & ripens & so on … smiles… great offering…

  3. oh heck… this is a wonderful write….the time love takes to grow and how fast indeed it can die if we’re not careful…love the tree metaphor…so well chosen and written

  4. In the beginning I was smiling since today is our 23rd anniversary and then you blew all the leaves off my tree. So very sad. The post I’m writing for tomorrow is about what can keep that love tree from withering.

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