Words Are Out!

Tonight at Dversepoetes Meeting the Bar, Victoria wants us to write about singular verbs and verb derivatives. Here is my entry. Not the best I could have managed, but this is where I am. Hope you like it.


History turns pages
Maps change
Gunpowder claims lives,
Wounds transpire to tears,
Tears transpire to vengeance
History repeats itself.

We explore
We study, we probe
We interpret
We judge,
We creep up the ladder
We feed on profit.

We lash out protests
We usher generations
We make rules,
Play with numbers
We quantify happiness,
As if we can.

We approve, we reject
We clutter, we flatter
Grin, wink
We take masks of some faces,
Put one on some others.

We entangle truth
Yes, we do that
We preach words
We eat words,
Words motivate
Words mislead
We believe words have power
We play with words.

19 thoughts on “Words Are Out!

  1. Words motivate
    Words mislead…. and they’re more powerful than every weapon… i have seen how some simple words can change the atmosphere in a big room within a few minutes…for better and for worse… it’s good to use them wisely – and i’d say we poets do…

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