Love me, not

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Don’t like black as a colour
On the canvas,
Can you not be mornings?
Or, any other colour?
Orange, yellow, green –

Smoke follows a pattern
Slithers from light to darkness,
Nocturnal, trapped
As you quite are,
Must know that by now.

Don’t sulk, don’t run away
You aren’t losing
Or, winning either-
A lonely, day person as you may be,
But there is no race after all,
Are your judgements clouded?

Lips entwine, wet each other
Churn your stimulus, yes-
Clandestine lovers as you like to believe,
Worries don’t really fade,
You take another step towards oblivion.

To the end, very end – a life in ashes
Waits for us all,
You need to decide,
If you wish to treasure
The walk home to your children,
Or grave.

Think again, think again
Every moment has a word
But frustration,
You just have to find it.

Love me,not

Love me,not

A bit of social thought tonight. I am linking this poem to dversepoets, open link night – week 128. Please join to read some wonderful poetry from contemporary writers all over the world.

Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee

18 thoughts on “Love me, not

  1. our path is a path of decisions…big ones and small ones… sometimes it can be tough to break the power of a destructive path… the focus on where it will lead us in the end can help… i hope…

  2. we pay the price for the decisions we make…and each one leads us down a road…some toward death and others toward life…we seldom think though of their ramifications in the long term….

  3. Ah yes, a life in ashes eventually waits for us all. I do hope none too soon. I am not so fond of black as a color either…it seems to indicate a kind of hopelessness I don’t like to entertain.

  4. I like the color black for my clothes but not in the canvas ~ At the end, we will all end up in ashes, so we must be careful with out choices ~ Have a good week & thanks for your visits in my blogs ~

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