Oh! My window

I have decided to give a background before posting a poem. This is a part of dversepoets poetics – my fourth this week and probably the most I have ever written in a week. Here is what the prompt says tonight: So what I would love for you to do this poetics is two part. Go to your favorite window, door or outside view. Snap a photo. Second part: write a poem about what is happening. In the moment. Choose whatever form you like.

Having already written once on this theme before (read here) – it was slightly challenging to write something new – as the effect of my last poem clouded my thinking and I wasn’t sure I will write another. However, here I am. Hope you like it.


From the window

Outside my window there wasn’t any snow-
Outside my window all are waiting for spring now

White frame, old curtains
Settling mist,
On cold glass
I watch out of the window
Still doesn’t take much to tell
Spring awaited.

Oh! I love to write my name,
Watch the dew
Like thin tear, it is
My window,
You make me young“.

Outside my window is rain –
Outside my window is a washed afternoon,
Fat tears swabs my name from the glass
It wasn’t going to stay anyway.

Looking through the window makes me young
In a moment,
Yet, so effectively
Brings me back.


Rupu at the window

Outside my window is all the fun
Oh! I want to go and play

Houses, Chimneys, Smoke
Robin, Dove
And who knows what?
Beyond the gravel path
In the back yard
Quite a jungle has grown
Dad says it’ll be done in spring,

Oh! My window, I can’t wait
Thinking about
The time in spring,
I get bigger-
Not a little girl,
Trembling at every step;
With a five teeth smile
I tell daddy, to let me go-

He just takes me down from the pane
I was sitting on,
To his arms –
He never does let me go.

Oh! my window“, I sigh
In a moment I was dreaming big, and
Now I am small again!”

While using the prompt, I thought it could be interesting to show how the sight from a window can make an adult seek momentary childish pleasure and yet quite the opposite it can happen for a child. Of course, had to look into my daughter’s world for this. I will look forward to know what you think about the experiment.

27 thoughts on “Oh! My window

  1. psshhhh… here’s my confession…. i scribble on every wet window… even in trains when they’re quite dirty as well…smiles… yep… def. good not to forget the pleasures of a child and look at the world through their eyes..

    • He he – there lives a child in you, clearly – I can feel that from your writing.
      Today I thought writing one piece won’t be complete – unless I can build the contrast what a window does to a child 🙂

  2. smiles..i like drawing in the dew…the second one stole my heart though, through the eyes of the little one…made big being in the window…seeing all the fun…made me smile big. i can see what you are saying in that last note as well in how it affects kids and adults differently

  3. I like the idea that ‘looking through the window makes me young.’ I think looking through a window one can enter into any time one wants to. Looking through the window makes anything possible!

    • Absolutely – my little one doesn’t speak much but when I take her close to a window, it doesn’t take much to read what she is asking 🙂

    • Thanks Victoria, without her thoughts the poem won’t have been complete – I think.Well, I am very keen about photography, if I’m not writing – so, surely there will be.

  4. I enjoyed the two perspectives in your poem. I used to love scribbling on the dew inside window panes. I wonder whether doing it now would make me feel young, probably.

  5. I like both perspective as an adult and as a child ~ I think we should never let that child in us fade away ~ Enjoyed seeing the world through your eyes ~

  6. A very successful experiment, thank you so much for being a part of Poetics this week. Each piece stands alone as a well crafted poem, but together as a set they are even more special.

  7. Cool write, Ahbra…you give us yet another perspective about views from our windows…what a darling little girl, and I love the shot of the rain in your window!!

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