Hush! Peeling the layers

Dear reader, bit of a background is needed on this one. I am writing this poem for dversepoets Meeting the bar this week. It’s my second entry to yesterday’s theme – since there are so many options. The original idea was floated here by Victoria where she wants us to write about politics,  sexuality or religion – a wide range of difficult subjects. My poetic license allows me delve into folds of the very basic of human character for an introspect. Hope you like my poem. Join dversepoets and read some of the finest poetry across the world.



# 1

An ounce of evil,
A wee bit of shade
Flair for immorality
Lives under the same skin,
Masked under
Fine dress and
Measured words-
Making rules
In their own kingdom
Small or big,
Feel it,
Aghast at it
See the faint smile
Once you face the mirror
Don’t say a word,
Believe it or not
You have layers
Like onion.


The swirl of her hair,
An occasional glance
Peeping eyelashes
Redness of lips,
In a lascivious form
She’s sublime sensuality walking by,
Don’t gape at those lips
Like they are yours,
Don’t steal moments
Like you are ashamed,
Don’t flush.

It’s not nearly as bad-
Every moment
You repress,
Mind opens door
To the surge of hormones,
Your body needs.

The occasional smile
That escaped
Your lips,
Is truly
Chemicals playing the mind.


‘Bow before the lord ‘
‘Don’t ask’
‘What if I am not ready?’
‘Then keep doing till you are’

Growing up
Blinded by
You were told was truth
Till you were to see for yourself,
A few things tarnished –
Impaired you to see
There was more
In the hungry child
Than the piece of stone
So ornately worn
Around your neck,
And you kissed
It to hope
In your deepest and darkest hours.

Hush! Don’t say it’s is an obsession
There are answers to your questions,
They all lay around you
Abundant ,
Pretty much.


Don’t hush
There is more politics in your demeanour,
More contentment than stigma in falling prey to lust,
More religion beyond your faith,
Than you’d like to believe-

Live wide open in the daylight with your shades
Everyone has layers.

There I handled all the aspects, I would otherwise find difficult to write or talk about. When I started, I didn’t know that I lived with all of them. Let me know what you think about it.

17 thoughts on “Hush! Peeling the layers

  1. more god in the child hungry than the stone around your neck…yeah i feel you there man…and keep doing it til you do…or are…ha…yeah i know that one too…
    and the chemical rush of trying to hold out for just a bit longer…smiles.

    • Yes Brian – if you recall I believe in this and have said so in many more of my poems. It’s something about believing.

  2. …more God in the hungry child…yes, if there is a god this is where we need to look John 13:35 …Not by works of majesty and power, but by love to one another…

    Your poem is thought provoking and layered with many interesting ideas.

  3. So very true that everyone has layers! I like the premise that there ARE answers to our questions all around if we continue to search. I also like the idea of living life wide open in daylight with one’s shades!!

  4. there is more god in the hungry child…so true. And yes we are all layered like onions. I suspect we all carry politics, sex and religion (organized or not) within us. The human condition, wonderfully evoked here. Thank you.

  5. Applause! I really enjoyed this baring of your inner being – your memories, feelings, thoughts! Truly spledidly done and I adore the lines mentioned above as well!

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