A walk of fatherhood

Easier said than done
The evening,
Cold and dark as it was;
Started raining
Above all

You cringed inside the pram-
With clenched teeth,
Had to lift you in my arms,
Wrap inside
The jacket
And warmth of my chest

A memory,
Long before you’d comprehend,
Yet grows stronger evenly
As I age.

Rupu & I - some special moments

Rupu & I – some special moments

I am writhing this poem for dversepoets Meeting the bar. Well, there are quite a few subjects to write about tonight and though I was equally tempted to pick more than one, ended up writing a 55 word poem, from an idea I had earlier. Hope you like it. Do join dverserpoets and read some of the finest poetry around the globe.

29 thoughts on “A walk of fatherhood

  1. smiles….nice…we lived in florida when we had Logan, my oldest…we had tile floors and i wore a track in them walking a circle around the house trying to get him settled in the night…and plenty of times my wife found us on the couch..ha. and while he may never say it…i imagine they remember those moments in there somewhere…smiles.

  2. oh that brings back memories… our oldest one used to cry a lot the first three months and we spent whole nights carrying her around and trying to comfort her… it was a time with not much sleep but still i think it so strengthened the bond

    • Smiles, am sure it will – to many parents. The first three months is something we will never forget – but this was more special, more of a father daughter moment with my little on.

  3. Very nice to read. Father and daughter relationship is a very special relationship. For me I can freely share my thoughts and views with my father and I love being called as papa’ s girl at home. 🙂

    • Thank you so much – my daughter is just one year two months – and some moment’s she is really papa’s girl. I am glad you like my poem.

    • Yes, very – something that words can’t describe. My little one is a bit restless and the occasions are rare when she does that.

  4. Those memories will always be precious to you – and though your daughter won’t remember the details, she’ll know that you give her comfort, protection, warmth and love.

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