Those hands on mine

Those hands on mine,
In sadness or fear
Continually poignant,
Is and will be,
Yet no one admits.

“You say you write, and
Not a word about me?”
I smile, “I will”
“So you say-
Only words,
You are”,
And she turns away.

I look at the still water,
Fingers play at the surface
Drawing happiness
Thoughts beget thoughts
Not words.

Time flies, as if
They have wings,
The petals laid on the bed
On the wedding night
Are long gone,
Promises made
Are torn, thrown away.

Mist dwells on the glass,
Tantrums rise
Like tempest,
Fuses into
A cherished morning
Words scribbled on paper,
Become trifles,
Not a verse.

She gazes at stars,
Almost endlessly
Or so she says
When I am away,
I search for the colours of sky,
“There isn’t any”
She reminds me.

We steal a look
At each other,
All we do is watch
Our child at play, and
Blessing, completeness
And chaos
Become life.

There remains an ode
To be written,
She doesn’t nudge
Nor do I say anything,
Love is a word
That has to be lived
Not spelt.

Just Us

My wife has said so many times, ‘What good a writer are you if you don’t write about us? I never did, before today. In another two weeks, I am completing 5 years of our togetherness, so I wanted to do something special for her and ended up writing this. I am linking this poem to dversepoets OpenLinkNight-127. Do participate and read some wonderful poetry.

41 thoughts on “Those hands on mine

  1. good on you writing poetry for her/about her…i include me family and my love quite often…i like that love must be lived and not spelt…love is def an action…

    just tell her you are still looking for the perfect words for her and that none have yet to even compare to her…smiles….

    • Thanks Brian – yes, I have been humming these lines at the back of my mind and almost composed them while walking back to home tonight.

  2. I really like the idea that love is a word that has to be lived, not spelt. So true. I think when the time is right the right words will come. I don’t think words can be forced; but seeing how you write, when a poem DOES arise it will be a beautiful one!

    • Smiles, thank you so much – that’s the reason I brought the reference of colours of the sky. One thinks there are so many colours, and another explains, there aren’t really any..So many things can be said without explicitly saying it.

    • Thank you so much.

      She is yet to read this – I wrote late last night, but I am thinking to make this a special gift this anniversary :).

  3. That has to be lived
    Not spelt…. so true… and for some things i think it’s hard to find the right words…maybe they are not invented yet..smiles.. a lovely write

    • Yes – that is what I have always felt. My wife wanted me to write something and came up with this after a lot of introspect.

    • Actually I wrote it but didn’t show it to her – at least no yet, so don’t know what her reactions are. I love to keep some questions unanswered really.

  4. You have painted a most honest and touching portrait of a marriage–the ups and downs of love. Congratulations on 5 years and the beautiful child you have co-created…and on te beautiful poem as well.

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    • Smiles, yes – thank you Kalpana – surprisingly my mother read this poem too after I shared it and she said it’s beautiful.

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