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Love is blossoming right now

Love is blossoming right now

Love never stops
From a quick glance
In a stolen moment
Deep forbidden,
Love is always sweet.

Love never sleeps
From words written
Said, or
Waiting to be said
In letters, messages
Deep woven magic
Love is salvation.

Love is beyond
Eyes can see,
Is blossoming
Right now,
From clouds to rain,
From brooks to ocean,
It flows on and on.

Love is never enough
From promiscuous fun
Men go way too mean
To give it a bad name
Irony that
Being so pure
Love is a drug to some?

Love is something
No one can buy,
But not give up
Like fruit of lust,
Hell descends on earth
Love becomes a devil caged on canvas!

Love isn’t a word of four letters
Albeit short, but strong
Holds the world,
Lays a battlefield,
Colder than death
To brighter than life
Love isn’t just chemicals playing the mind.

Happy new year everyone. Let us show some love to those who need it.
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16 thoughts on “Love &

    • Thank you – after listening to Hey Brother from Avicci – I am very tempted to write some song lyrics – but not sure if anyone will ever sing my song ๐Ÿ™

  1. Really good!! Especially the last line.
    Love is important and powerful. It has the power to shape lives or destroy them… But, like you have stated, it is like a drug to some. Some of us are just in love with the idea of love…

  2. its funny i was just commenting elsewhere on our attempts to capture what love is…sometimes we catch just a wisp of it…yes it is that…and not that…and not just…but it is…and continues to surprise us in tis ability to give life…and take it….

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