Come December
Cold, food, vegetables
Christmas, fun fare

(I) Love you winter
Shivering yet so much alive
Is my every pore
For you.

(I) Love the grandeur
Of farewell
Amid fire crackers
And toasts.

(I) Love you bonfires,
Brilliant yellow
Cosy hands,
In search of comfort.

(I) Love taking vows
Safe home for women and children,
Now, ashes from fire flutters
Broken promises afloat.

In my very next door
Children die from frost
Deflowered women lie on concrete,
Awash with tears like pearl.

Yesteryear promises repeat
Candles, I love to protest.

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12 thoughts on “Yesteryear

  1. Yes a lot of truth in your lines. For promises to be kept, we need to speak of. articulate and continue to focus on those things that we really mean & want and not discuss those things which are good fodder for an engaging conversation

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