A life in flames

Diwali Decorations

I have been burning
Thousands of years
Since Egypt or China,
Saw the dusk of civilization.

Have had a typical character
That unfolds,
Through layers of heat
In colours of blue, orange and yellow.

I travelled a great deal
From ancient Rome,
To all over the world,
I carried the message of emperors.

A spine of wick and body of wax
I am a burning example of
Passion and romance,
A saga nonetheless.

Effervescence of light
Sometimes fragrance,
Destined to flicker
A lifetime of battling darkness.

I burn every night
Healing, prayers or love, and
Will burn for a thousand years more
If that is what it takes
In the name of hope.

I am writing this poem for dversepoets Poetics. Please join to read some wonderful poetry. The theme I have written for is lights or candles. Hope you like my poem. The image is from the Diwali celebrations at my home in India last year.

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19 thoughts on “A life in flames

  1. I really like your poem, Abra. So true that the candle has been in existence for a long, long time & has shed light on every civilization. You have shared its story well. I enjoyed your photo above, as well as the information you shared in dVerse!

    • Yes, it has an interesting history – after I saw your post, I was struggling for ideas and decided to look up the history of candle and decided to do this personification….I am glad you like it.

  2. very cool personification of the candle…what a history..eh… Destined to flicker
    A lifetime of battling darkness…. not a bad destiny me thinks… very cool write abhra

  3. Enjoyed the poem. I have said this earlier too that I am terrible at poetry and cant understand most of them. To me poetry is at its best when I can understand it and relate to it. Understood your poem and loved the sentence about the spine for a wick and body of wax. All I can say is All the best and keep them coming.

    • Thank you so much. To enjoy poetry it is very important that you can relate to them and that is why I try to give an explanation – for all my readers. So I am glad to see you liking it. Thanks once again.

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