Oh! my Alice~

You think I am too small?
Not old enough to crawl
Towards the rabbit hole,
Of unforeseen creatures;
A premonition of disaster
You have, don’t you?

Scared, as you may be
I am not,
I am yet to see the world,
A world is calling me
At the end of a tunnel,
Not long, not far away-
I can hear a humming all the time.

There goes a rabbit, it talks
It talks as like you,
Keeps a pocket watch;
Oh! That cat on the wall
The doves, the squirrel, the robin
They are all conspiring something in the backyard,
Why don’t you let me go?

You think Alice was braver?
Well – I am braver by far,
You think I am too small?
It’s only a matter of time
To get a bite of the magic cake,
And I will be a big girl, in a blink
Will you let me find my wonderland, daddy?

I am writing this poem for dverserpoets club on poetics. Today we have a wonderful theme – either write about pre-Christmas Advent or Alice in wonderland. Ever since I became a father of a beautiful daughter last year, I have been thinking that she is no less an adventure lover. So here goes my entry on poetics, thinking about what she has to say to me everyday. Hope you like it. Do participate on poetics and read some wonderful poetry. Now here is a photo of my inspiration, Rupu – who completed one year and a month yesterday.
Her first stand

16 thoughts on “Oh! my Alice~

  1. what a beautiful little one you have…when we have children it changes everything….new feeling and emotion….our desire to protect them…they keep us young and seeing the world in fresh eyes for sure…and pulling us out on adventure again…smiles….yes they still see the magic we oft forget…strong last question, because in a sense we do have to let them…smiles.

    • Oh yes, Brian! Ever since she was born – my world changed and I have never been happier. Now, she is just learning to walk and explore the world of unknown – I have been thinking to write this poem sometime – yesterday’s prompt gave me a direction.

  2. now look at that little one…. so very sweet… and i’m sure you will let her discover the world with all the wonders and magic and mystery…. they grow up way too quickly, don’t they….? smiles

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