Often in conflict
We earthlings are,
Ever since Attila
With Genghis, Hitler or Laden
Took to different names like
Battle, genocide, massacre, world wars, atom bombs or Jihad;
Acts plummeted to
A ghastly macabre tale
Of little or no interest;
Irony that
Ink and papyrus were also invented
Alongside the first weapon we had.

I am writing this 55 word poem for dversepoets form for all. Do participate to read some wonderful poetry.

20 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. Very depthful writing here. Had never thought about the comparison, but an eerie fact here. I am thankful for ink and papyrus, not so much for weapons!

  2. the biggest irony of all is that without the weapons, none of us would have the freedom to use the pen & paper; most intellectuals & poets fill the prisons first, slaying ideas before the people; nice use of the form; thanks.

  3. often the good inventions go hand in hand with the bad… and some have a double nature to them from the beginning… just think of the discovery of atoms and what good you can do with it and what bad.. well penned

  4. And sadly, ink and paper are sometimes also used for nefarious purposes… and perhaps equally deadly.
    Thoughtful poem – those lines really got to me, in which you mention the banalisation of evil:
    Acts plummeted to
    A ghastly macabre tales
    Of little or no interest

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