The Christmas lights

Jovial mood is in the air
Offers, gifts and perfumes
On a shopping spree,
Festivity is all around.

Christmas lights have been turned on
I look at them every day,
While walking down the streets
All by myself and cold.

In many different shapes
Of trees, candle or stars,
The lights remind me of happy faces of children,
Nevertheless a beacon of hope.

Rejoice and feel warm
This winter;
Greetings flow on-
From handshakes, hugs even kisses.

Today no matter whether we are at peace
Or not, we’re happy and
Celebration is in the order;
Today is a day is to hold hands.

Yet, somewhere, not very far
Like darkness below a lamp,
A different world leaves in servitude
With no lights, food and warmth, whatsoever.

I wish to put on the lights on my porch too
Someday, but not now,
It won’t be my Christmas
Until all the dewdrops of tear fade.

I am writing this poem for dversepoets OpenLinkNight. This is a special occasion before the poetry club closes till holidays. I wish every reader of my blog a very happy festive season, a merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead. Thank you for reading my poetry.

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37 thoughts on “The Christmas lights

    • Thank you KB. Yes, it is an idea that keeps working at the back of my mind whenever I write something. I love to start something and end on a different note, giving the reader a lot to think.

  1. yes, celebration is in order…i love the lights at christmas, pushing back the darkness…we went to a huge light show this last weekend at the race track…it was awesome…so many lights….christmas can be such a tough time as well….the memories…the empty chairs….

  2. Beautiful and powerful, you have captured the essence of what Christmas should be about and how there are less fortunate people out there, celebrating (or not) in different ways. It’s always good to reflect, these thoughts will hopefully help us to help shape the world in the way it should be…

    • Thank you – yes, every festive season I ask this question to myself – that is it justified on my part to go ahead and celebrate while people are living in misery and there is so much more can be done instead of spending limitless on our celebrations – the same thought prompted me to write this one.

      • Exactly, the money spent on outrageous presents and parties can be given to those who really need the support and care…it’s good there’s people like you out there, as we as a society need people like you. ☺️✨

  3. Very nice! As we look forward to Christmas and see all the lights, it is good to remember that the true Light we celebrate came into the world to overcome the darkness. We can’t forget the darkness that remains or we lose the whole meaning of why He came. Peace, Linda

  4. Today no matter whether we are at peace
    Or not, we’re happy

    Right there, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head; the demand to be happy over-rides everything else; how dare anyone be sad, lonely, cold, hungry or suffering in poverty, with pain or loss at this time of year? This attitude has to be challenged – and you’ve made a good job of doing that with your poem.

  5. A poem as promising as Christmas itself. As a child I yearned to celebrate the festival along with the characters I loved from stories. Now I know it is all about feeling happy. So go ahead, light up those lamps.

  6. This is really well done, and I like the darkness and the reminder that we have to take the lights there, that they aren’t easy to hang in the painful places. Great how you twist us about at the end! Merry Christmas!

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