A life at your feet~

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You and I are quite a story
Since the beginning of time,
We seem to be so incomplete without you,
An unfinished statuette on display
We’d be otherwise;
No life on our own-
Except for being crushed
Underneath your feet, and
Standing the ravages of uneven earth.

With the sole purpose of serving you,
Protect or glorify
You may call it,
But we know
Absorbing all the sweat and pain
Then discarded to a cold night on a rack
May be
A history of agony, paramount fortitude
Unwritten, long forgotten
But was n’t easy.

Only silence
Will remember our protest
That we wanted to speak out
Since the beginning of time;
We did n’t draw the equator,
We were simply born on the other side.
If we don’t have a life without you,
So do you, without us.

I am writing this poem for dversepoets Poetics : A mile in these SHOES. Do participate and read some wonderful poetry.

Though the subject of this weekend’s poetics was to write about memories with shoes, I took a different perspective of story telling from the point of view of shoes. I just couldn’t miss the chance of not using such a opportunity of using such a powerful theme as metaphor. Hope you have liked my poem.

22 thoughts on “A life at your feet~

  1. oh heck… you go way beyond shoes in this… the born on different sides of the equator… the serving and being served… the what would the other be without the other… cool piece abhra

  2. ha. i like the perspective of the shoes…a life of service, they do get the short end you know…all in what we step in…and thank goodness for them…maybe we should remember to make sure we take care of them…not torture them so much…ha

  3. I enjoyed the change of perspective, the shoes talking about the service done to you rather than the other way round! It makes me wonder what my own shoes might say.

  4. What a creative piece of writing you have done here!! I think you are the only one who has written from the perspective of the shoes; and what a unique view you have given us. It really makes me think about the shoes on my feet and what they must be thinking as they go through their life with me! Nice!!

    • Thank you – yes, I couldn’t keep it confined to just shoes, and thought would use this opportunity of using the metaphor and add some potential to my piece.

    • Well, you are welcome. I generally tend to pay a visit if someone reads my blog. Regarding the top post, I don’t have a say – it all depends on how many people have seen it in a short time – but that doesn’t always mean it is a great post or anything. So I don’t take credit for it. I feel good if people can relate to my poetry and like it and encourage me to write on.

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