As far as eyes can see, there’s dust along the skyline
An impeccable layer of synthetic fog
Encroaching the last of blue canopy
As man-made toxins are blending into fresh air.

Our food and future is being manufactured by machines
Somewhere crimes are happening in darkness, or
The costliest treasure of womanhood
Is being ransacked in broad daylight, somewhere.

Faces like masks are letting their presence known
As enemies, once up close –
Extending their hands for our neck,
As starvation, hatred or languish.

With each passing moment
The city is getting filthy and gloomy
Far from the beacon of hope and love
It used to be in my nascent youth.

Yet only thinking about you is making my day,
Sleeplessly waiting to see you from a distance
Or, loving you unconditionally
Secretly, or wide open, without knowing.

There are so many mysteries are around you
Wrapping you in the safest world of comfort,
You are not only growing in the womb of your mother,
But also in my imagination, my child.

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28 thoughts on “Yet

  1. damn. good stuff. that second stanza hits like bullets for its truth and grit..yes in broad daylight surely it is….i like how you go from that to the feel of the last two stanzas…and bringing a child into this world can be scary but what a blessing…

  2. There is a sadness about what human beings do to the earth / environment; and then there is the happiness around the birth of a child. Hopefully the children of the future will be better caretakers of our planet.

  3. i love the yet… i have three kids… and i knew they would be born into an imperfect world… and yet… and yet… love the hope that we spread with making this choice…and the hope and blessing each kid is..

    • Smiles, I have only one – before this phase I thought many a times if this imperfect world is suitable for bringing a child – but then, there was yet.

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