When he saw those two girls walking up to women’s section in the second floor, Chandru’s eyes glistened from the deep, forbidden pleasure. He was eager to find out what they would do next. Most girls of their age would spend hours but not buy anything and that prospect didn’t excite him at all. In western clothing, these two were a feast for his eyes, but he wanted more. He just imagined it and touched himself.

After a lot giggling, laughter and teasing to one another about how they will look and awe men around them and drop their jaw, Richa and Shilpa handpicked couple of tops and gleefully approached the trial room.

Richa said, “Do you really need to try them? I know it will fit you perfectly!” she grinned as her eyes sparkled.

Shilpa shurgged, “Unless I try – I won’t know how good it looks on me.”

They said couple of other things which died in the chaos of other voices as they walked to the big queue in front of the trial room.

Somewhere in the close confinement of basement, with a room full of small to big screens and lots of cables, Chandru almost fell from his chair when he saw both of the girls walking into the same trial room. All of those trial rooms were rigged – had hidden cameras installed. No one seemed to have found that – it was unfathomable pleasure for Chandru and some of his colleagues. They usually didn’t record stuff but Chandru was feeling thirsty – it wasn’t everyday that two beauties would walk into the trap so nicely. He hit the record button.

He hadn’t seen any woman with a fairer complexion than these two. He could almost hear his own heartbeats when RIcha had taken off her shirt and was about try the first top from the selection. Chandru’s fingers dug deep into his face. Though he was so deeply engrossed, something struck him like a lightning. There was a tattoo on her upper back. He had seen that tattoo before. If only he could remember where. He started feeling uneasy. Something was not right.

Later that evening Chandru showed the recording to Ranjit – his trusted partner and miscreant. Ranjit worked in the same shopping mall as well. He laughed as he heard the comment. “I know where you have seen it before?”

Chandru asked nervously, “Where?”

“In the film – wanted!”

“What non sense – no woman was there with tattoos, not even Salmaan.”

“Not that idiot, the English film, where the heroine gets up from a tub and walks away.”

Chandru nodded. He was not sure even though he recalled the particular scene, which they all had stopped and watched for a few minutes at least. He laughed meekly before his friend, but could not believe him completely. While traveling in the last local also the tattoo of the serpent was eating him up bit by bit. He was drunk but the daze was n’t allowing his conscience settle.

At one o clock, his family was in deep slumber in his packed room when his shaky footsteps took him to the door. His wife was n’t up to fight him either. A thin ray of light from the nearby streetlamp transpired through the broken window and fell on his eleven year old daughter Chitra’s neck which revealed a partly washed away serpent tattoo, that came free with a bubblegum. Had it been any other day, Chandru would probably have missed it, but not today – for he could vividly recall the Sunday afternoon his daughter came dancing to him to show her newly acquired hall of fame and asked “Papa, don’t I look like a heroine?” and to which he approved wholeheartedly. He could n’t help but weep for a long time silently at the doorstep.

The thin ray of light from the street lamp was still sneaked in and made room for some conscience.

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30 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. Incredible Abhra..The way you used the prompt to raise up such a sensitive issue..Simply Amazing.. 🙂
    Some Men do forget that the misdeeds they do on other women,may someday happen to Women they love..It is true– “What Goes Around,Comes Around”

    • Thank you Harsha! Yes, that’s true and I wanted to use the prompt to say something that has already been said many a times before. Glad that you like it.

  2. A brilliant take on thr prompt. It always hurts more when things happen to our own loved ones. A special mention on the way? 🙂

    • Thank you Sreesha – I had a feeling that women should be able to relate to the story and appreciate it in a better way. I am glad to know that you like it.

  3. The most effective way of learning is experiencing it. The way this man began thinking has been brought out exceptionally by you. Wish there was something like this that we could do in real life to bring alive the conscience in many such other men who are into such wrong deeds.

    • Yes, that is what I thought – that there is only way out of such situations – show them a mirror. I am glad that you liked my story.

    • Thank you so much. I had this thought and wanted to bring it out as best I could, but the construct is not perfect to me yet – I changed it slightly here and there.

  4. very good story….but i guess it would hav been better if u had put the daughter in the age bracket of 15-20 at least….coz from the above para, readers get the impression that the girls who walked into the trial room were grown-up adults

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