The hallway was dark; a dim light could n’t make the entire passage well lit.

‘Is this way to your apartment?’

‘Yes, don’t worry about the lights. It must have stopped working today ’, he said softly.

Nisha nodded silently. The place did n’t look tacky at any cost. Still her pace slowed down as the destination came nearer. She was deeply excited and still somewhat nervous. This was one of those moments when she could n’t decide if she was doing right or wrong, but she simply went on with her instinct. It was quite a contrast between the frequency of how her heels clicked on the floor and how her own heart beats reached her mind.

He held her hand firmly. That strong grip had a meaning – he did n’t want to let the moment go. It was an impulsive decision but it takes a lot of trust to make the moment tick. She knew how long he must have been waiting, how desperate he might have become all this while and now that she gave her consent to it – his firm hold was going to remind her at every step that there was no turning back from where they have gone. It was going to be something so physical, but it became a stronger play in her mind. She did n’t have a taboo that she was not married to him, but the first time has got to be special, there would be no turning back from that, would there be a soft bed and satin sheets or was it going to be unruly, like most of the times. Would he know what it meant to her or was it a mere win to get a girl? Aside that the adrenalin rushing in her veins made her want to jump on him, have him and feel every inch of him.

He unlocked the door and turned on the lights. It was a studio apartment like she had only seen in movies – a big bed in the middle, book case and cupboard on one side and on the other a close compact modular kitchen. Did they make such arrangements in India? She never knew, but it made sense for Vivek lived alone in the city and his family was in a different state.

‘So?’, he asked.

‘So what?’

‘What do you think about my place?’

She smiled, ‘Impressive.’

‘Do you need anything? Would you like anything to drink?’ When he spoke, his voice felt dry and trembling.

She did n’t say a word but extended her arms to him instead. There was no point in making this man suffer from the torment of hormones. He ran to her and hugged her. She felt an even stronger grip on her bare midriff. His hands were locking her. She had nowhere to go. She did n’t want to go. She felt his warm breathing on her neck. Her hands grabbed him too. Slowly she felt more cold air on her skin. Vivek’s hands were at work on her buttons. She closed her eyes. She was slowly descending into wave of pleasure but one thing she didn’t know that they were being watched. Vivek and Nisha were simply subjects of the world that the bestselling author created and thousands of eyes followed them even at the intimate moments, so vivid and alive were his descriptions the readers would see them come alive.

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  1. Extremely well-written. I liked the unusual ending.

    I loved the line, “It was quite a contrast between the frequency of how her heels clicked on the floor and how her own heart beats reached her mind.”

    • Thank you so much. I am glad to know your thoughts – in fact, this is the second time I heard the same thing on that line.

    • Thank you – yes, when I came to know about the theme – that was my natural reaction. I thought about this plot and was in doubt before writing it – was wondering that the punch might not be enough, now I know it works fine.

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