As I take a moment, and think…

In my adolescence, among other queer habits, a predominant one used to be collecting quotes on poetry in an attempt to comprehend the intangible world of words, I had just started to play with and if my memories don’t betray me, like they most certainly do when it comes to other trivial things, there was one of the saying, poets are people who see the great truth and tell them.

Today, I am writing this, in honour of a poet, whose literary work has left me astounded. The choice of words in her poetry captivated me and attracted me to read them over and over again. It’s a pleasant thing about readership, that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. So I decided that there should be an ode in esteem and admiration, even if it’s prosaic.

So what was the introduction about? Let’s go back to where it started form. In course of reading and now at the advent of chronic tangles of social network, I see many poets (established or aspiring), read a lot of poetry – thought provoking or not, most of them dissolve into thin air. I guess, now I know why. It’s all about the extent of truth you can write – the bigger the truth is, the more a reader can relate to it. If the truth is about oneself, the realm of poetry remains shallow.

I don’t know much about the poet I am writing. I don’t need to. I am mere a reader, a boat sailing in a restless ocean. It can’t make me feel happier. All I can say to her is thank you, for the heartfelt poetry you have for your readers. We connect to you through your words.

Here is a brilliant piece of writing from her.

4 thoughts on “As I take a moment, and think…

  1. Darunn laglo onar Kobita… dukkhito amar laptop e apatoto banglay type korar suvide nei, jodio apnar note ta poRe bes ananda pelam… obosso banglay kotokaal lekha hoye otheni, hoyto banan sob bhulbhal likhbo… ei ingraji e soi 🙂
    Ar apnar arekti blog e apnar lekha ami ageo porechi… sombhoboto ambipure contest er….

    • Hyan, onar kabita amar khub bhalo lage bolei ei post. Banglay likhte suru korun, aste aste aro beshi kore likhte ichhe korbe. Hyan mone porechhe apni kon post er katha bolchhen 🙂

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