Many Rainy Returns~

Having served in militia in his youth,
With strength, unkindness and foul mouth,
He now stood guard to a building entrance
In a frayed green uniform, wearing out like him.

Never tired of fatigue or monotony of his job,
He went mellow only when it rained,
Rained and rained; and the daylight
Would go sombre, but he’d still be at work.

He would ask any unknown passer-by,
If they could read to him a poem,
Startled and ridiculed no one kept his request
And he never knew what it’d feel like.

Even if I could compose an ode for him
Right at that very moment, I didn’t; and decided to
Let the charm of life to live in unlikeliest possibilities
And raised a toast to the splendour of truth.

4 thoughts on “Many Rainy Returns~

  1. Very touching piece of poetic expressions……with droplets chasing one another while both dancing down from far above the sky the rain is writ in the soul….between molten lead-balls chasing one another while both flying to kiss undefined foes are lost those pages of burnt life…..amidst faces chasing one another while both playing hide and seek in the madding crown are painted the finest portraits of indifference….the life whispers on an epic for the Time to neatly lay the final bed for those slain moments…..I love the way the words swayed along the thought….nice read to begin the day, friend!

    • Thank you so much. This is actually based on a real life incident of mine, that came from the habit of observing people and taking a mental note of it. This created a wonderful contrast and so I chose to write on it.

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