About poetry

There are many poets, wannabe poets and would be wannabe poets who are going to be bitten by the poetry bug, but the question remains do they know the root of the word? How are these for facts:

    1. First used in late 14th centuryOpinion – 1 : Old French poetrie or Opinion – 2 : Medieval Latin poetria [In classical Latin, poetria meant “poetess.”] Option – 3:┬áLatin poeta ‘poet’
    2. Figurative use from 1660s
    3. The most impressive quote on poetry that I’ve come across:

      … I decided not to tell lies in verse. Not to feign any emotion that I did not feel; not to pretend to believe in optimism or pessimism, or unreversible progress; not to say anything because it was popular, or generally accepted, or fashionable in intellectual circles, unless I myself believed it; and not to believe easily

[Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962), forward to “Selected Poems”]

Modern poets love a lot of mystery. Would they accept it without arguments?


I would like to know what you think about this :

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