Why on earth?

Day before I was writing about the social networks. There is something more to that which irks me. 
These days, it’s very easy to rate or recommend someone. Take Facebook for example, it keeps showing pop-ups for rating films and books, as if I am a specialist. How does it matter which one I like or I don’t and what on earth would people do with my whimsical random ranking that I often do to get past the bombarding pop-ups? Even if some social engineering and data mining exercise is at play here, I fail to ascertain the true shades of it – does those irritating lingerie adds that keeps popping along my sidebar have something to do with it? It better be, for I am no maniac, that keeps throwing such directional search patterns. 
Another example is Linkedin, where they have started an initiative to let other people judge on completely out of pattern professional aspects of their friends. Like Google of Facebook, this place is no exception where a lot of unknown faces tag along the friend list and hence the system keeps asking me about their credibility on such topics, I have no clue about. Had it been something to do with telcom sector, I could still oblige but what do I know about metallurgy or sales or fashion for that matter? Dear Linkedin, stop this shit, will you?
One of the many appeals, I make to the good self of people, in vein. 

I would like to know what you think about this :

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