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The only upside of relentless hours of wait in the hospital is that I am getting to read a lot; but hey! no books, of course, since my mind is too sparse at this moment to consume anything of that scale; so I had leaned towards reading blogs from a popular network. It gave me short and readable pieces that I could get along and also give me a fairly good birds eye view on what India is thinking, or at least trying to express for that matter from the limited art of expressions they have hitherto learned, for there is a vast variety if writers who are in different phases of maturity model. 
Though I came across some really good ones and interesting ones and entertaining ones, one stand out in particular and I leave it to the sensible readers to take a call in which scale they would measure this one. After the Mumbai gang rape incident, the forums observed an outburst of anger, frustration and protest in various forms to which I myself was no exception. Then I chanced to find this entry which generated some kind of statistics comparing the volume of crimes against different sexes and since it showed male victims outnumbered female victims, this ongoing hiatus on female safety and security was a farce as it was actually the stronger sex whose immunity was at stake here.
I told him politely, wake up dude. Seriously, some jerks out there. The term jackass wasn’t invented for nothing.
P.S writing from mobile, should be hell lot of spelling mistakes.

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