Social, eh?

Thanks to Facebook, I get quite a handful of friend requests from people I don’t know; but I generously accept their offering of friendship without a second thought – which has attributed to seven hundred odd auspicious friends on my list. I hardly talk to them or exchange anything for that matter. Thanks to privacy settings, I have kept some things to myself in a way they are. 
Google plus is even more bizarre than Facebook – I have no clue of the people who find me and add me; for example someone added me earlier today whose profile says: “Author, Wine Specialist, Green MBA, Bollywood Export”. All the rest I can still understand though bollywood export sounds a little fishy, but what the hell is Green MBA? Which university on earth offers these kind of courses? What do all these people need from me? Google has some weird sense of humor I must say.

I would like to know what you think about this :

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