Promises, unkept

What a smile can do? A lot. What a child’s smile can do – unbelievable. 
While I was waiting in the hospital outside the HDU (similar concept intensive care) for hours just to get an update about my father’s condition or any hint of his prognosis, I noticed a girl of about 4/5 years, playing alone in the waiting lounge holding a packet of potato chips and boasting that she was fat from eating junk foods as that. In no time, she made friends with the otherwise stern looking hospital staffs and came to sit next to me and before I realized, I was making origami for her, and keeping her requests as best I could. Soon we ran out of paper. Finally she was taken home by her mother. 
Surprisingly, I came across her in the hospital again today. She immediately recognized me as the uncle who made her paper toys. Sadly I had no paper with me, but she managed to get hold of some torn newspaper and came to me. I asked her what brought her to the hospital and she said that her father was going through dialysis, of course without knowing the gravity of the situation and I realized why she was playing alone in the waiting area. As I had to go, I promised to make her more toys once I returned to the same floor, which almost skipped my mind as other worries took over. 
When I was leaving the hospital today, I chanced to catch a glimpse of her in the lift lobby – she came running towards the lift I was in but the door was closing and someone stopped her. I couldn’t make her another toy jet or boat today, but it saddened me to think about what must be going on with her family. Yet little worried about reality she smiled, she brightened up my day and so many others, I am sure.

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