Difficult Times

Last 48 hours have been challenging and one of the most difficult times I have ever faced. I had to hospitalize my dad into hospital owing to a medical emergency and then withstand the suffering of watching him go through the agony of treatment, like having more than one channels made into his hands for feeding saline and medicine or forced urination through catheter, which even in the hands of professionals in a reputed hospital in Kolkata, can be painful. Moreover, the suffering of electrolytic imbalance (high potassium and low sodium content in serum) made him mentally unstable (would do so anyone as a matter of fact) and hence supporting him through the emotional fluctuations (which is mostly paranoia) while acting as the mental support system to the rest of my family, took me quite a lot of strength but though exhausting – here I stand, as the mast, of a storm stricken old fashioned ship in some turbulent ocean. Today, I feel I’ve truly become the son of my father and I can not help but notice the uncanny similarity to the ship set out on a voyage for unknown.

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