It surprises me, how life has a typical poise
Of calm and restlessness –
Harmony and conflict
Music and cacophony,
Wonderfully it blends them all.

In search of wisdom, I abandoned what I had, and
Walked on and on-
Met new faces
And bewilderment,
The boundaries didn’t hold me back.

Of all journeys, this was one of its kinds
To my surprise
I didn’t fatigue
As I went furthest
Rather felt more geared up than ever.

In the darkest hour, there’re many little things
To be happy about,
Special moments to cherish;
At the end of a stormy night
There is always a brand new day.

A bright, shining day – no overcast shadows
No mysteries there,
Not subdued or shy
That was when I first knew
What I’d have to use, to build a whole new world.

I discovered a whole new set of patterns
Of hope, freedom and love
The chains fell off
And I knew
I wasn’t blinded by petty differences anymore.

Set out for something I hadn’t known
The answer-
To the question who I was,
As baffling it might be,
I found the answer when I returned as a poet.



If my book of poetry ever sees the light of the day, it would be named after this one.

5 thoughts on “Elements

  1. Simply fabulous !
    Hopelessness gives birth to Hope ..contentment .. happiness .. bliss..
    I loved every bit of your words !! Find me around dear friend ! you wrote this wonderfully 🙂

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