We, the youth

An artist

Breeze of youth is making its way
Don’t know what that is,
We make music
On a bright day,
Pristine, soulful
Melody flows on
When we play those chords,
Haven’t you heard?

We inscribe our songs
With the smell of soil and
Freshness of crops
What we sing,
Has been said long back-
Yet we will sing them again
We’d be poets for nothing
If we just go,
Without our voice heard.

Was first seen
In the lustful eyes
Of Adam & Eve,
We borrow passion
From the first kiss,
Not tangled in
Fragile knots of relation,
We’d be lovers for nothing
If we can’t love people.

On a starry night
We rest on the field
Wide open,
To the abode of stars
Before we be one of them
And tiny lights reminder of our words,
We realize we are memories no good
If we go
Without keeping the promise
We can.

We will be one with those
Working hard for a living
All day, sweating
Counting on destiny
A destiny that was made long back
They only live it now,
We will speak up for them
Who don’t have a voice,
We’d be youth
For nothing
If we just go
Without having our voice heard.

Tonight on DVersepoets, Erin has us write repetition. Hope you like mine. Please join to read some wonderful poetry from around the world.

21 thoughts on “We, the youth

  1. It is important to have one’s voice heard….both our own voices & also the voices of people who don’t have a voice. So important, on both counts!

  2. Hey Abrha–heartfelt thoughts here — well expressed–Your repetition of “for nothing” works very well–we all want to be purposeful–how to go about it???? That’s the big question and you explore it very well. Thanks. K.

  3. We would, indeed, be poets for nothing without having our voices heard, our words read, our songs sung, our lyrics mouthed; that’s another reason why open mic performing of our own poetry, or taped recitation alongside our poetics on the blog deepen the poetic experience. A silent scream goes unheeded, a poem unwritten is as sad as a maiden unkissed; nice job.

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