Forget the mundane
Thoughts that flow,
Old as the balcony
And afternoon crow.

Don’t lock yourself
In a sombre sun,
Let go your despair
It’s not that fun.

Leave your cup of
Evening tea,
Forget you’re one
Household bee.

Be one in the crowd
Sweat and shout,
Feel you’re the spring
Of eternal spout.

Foods, sweets, munchies
All that you want,
Savour the taste and
Flare up your lust.

I am the beautiful
Colours you miss,
It is the cacophony
Of freedom & bliss.

I am the never fading
Hope for sure,
I outshine the gloom
My heart is so pure.

I am writing this poem for Poetics: Fun fair @dversepoets.

Writing objective is to write about the fun fair and the possibilities around them. Claudia Schoenfeld (@cmschoenfeld) writes about the theme here.

This marvelous photo has been taken by Reetam Banerjee.

14 thoughts on “Mundane

  1. smiles…glad you made it… sometimes it is just good to leave the house and let the evening tea untouched to mingle a bit with the crowd and let the fair lights shine on you a bit.. always a source for inspirations such places..

    •  @Heaven asweetlust Thank you so much that you dropped by and left your comment. Your poem on this theme is marvelous. Have  n’t read such beautiful lines recently. 

  2. so many textures to touch the senses in this.  🙂
    <a href=””>/roller coaster of dysfunction</a>

  3. I love how you capture the feeling of the fair without ever using the word–or most of the words typically associated with it. It seems like a challenge in itself–one I may have to try.

    • Julie, 
      Thank you. Well, I didn’t want to make it obvious and use subtle hints as best I could. Your comment tells me it has been a success. 

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