Love, hate

Love Hate

When you are not around me,
It is weird how mind plays its trick
I just don’t want to be alone,
And it entices me to brace myself.

Words bubble up, involuntarily
Some emotions reign free;
When loneliness creeps in,
Loving you is not an option.

Even when you have left,
Your odour does not leave me
Sweat, cigarettes and body salt –
I love all of it, filling me up.

It gets hard to judge in the right mind,
What is rooted deeper than lust?
I ache for you, not knowing
What remnants you have left in me.

You are not really that far, and
Your thoughts are still warming my bed
Yet, when I learn, mine is not the only one,
I cannot choose but hate.

Photo Credits : Reetam Banerjee

6 thoughts on “Love, hate

  1. “Loving you is not an option.” I need to use this as inspiration for a poem of my own. Those six words scream to me on a level I can barely describe. Wow.

    •  @zongrik zongrik I am of the opinion, yes, however, i do not think it is just that – it could be a lot more than that. Writing this poem from the narrative of a woman was difficult for me. i would have thought that it does not fade so fast. 

      •  @abhrapal that’s why people fall out of love. because when people fall “in love” they don’t love, like you love your kids or parents, or family,it’s really “falling in lust” and that does not last long, even if it last let’s say 5 years, that’s not long to love if real love is a lifetime.

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