When I get to my feet and face you,
It is no more a question of
Meagre existence to me;
I do not remember
Who am I or
Where I was born,
Vastness overwhelm me, and
Silence engulf me,
My desires defy senses,
I feel
I have wings, and
I can set off in quest of the forbidden world.

You helped me to look beyond
The three shades of time,
And interpret
The untold stories of this habitat –
Of men and their hardship,
Of women and their despair,
Of kids and their frolic yet neglected upbringing;
When I see through the mist,
The wisdom that has been accumulated for ages
Is bestowed upon me,
Yet, you have not uttered a word,
Only tranquil beseech me.

You were surprisingly silent all this while,
Then, why do I feel
That you will speak up any moment now?
When I set out from home,
I did not know
Where to find my call,
Now, you have revealed to me that
Every quest has a destiny-
As, has every wound a healing;
How do you know everything?

Amidst the mist, I wait
You have answered some of my questions,
But not all.

Photo Credit: Reetam Banerjee

12 thoughts on “Quest

  1. This is very tender, intimate, oersonal on a level that leads me to believe this is about a spiritual encounter with a side of yourself that overwhelmed you with self-awareness. That you can write about it so clearly and with passion is very marvelous to me. A wonderfully uplifting poem.

  2. When I set out from home,I did not knowWhere to find my call,Now, you have revealed to me thatEvery quest has a destiny-As, has every wound a healing;….love how that journey develops..

  3. i don’t think every question can be answered. curiosity dwindle if it is so. a beautiful poem abhra. really like the phrase “three shades of time”. too often we are obsessed with one shade that we forget & ignore the other two.

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