Tell a tale

Tell a tale!

It is now lost somewhere, and
I know, it’s not obscure,
Somewhere it can be easily found,
Perhaps in the same neighborhood,
Now grown so indifferent;
Or in a matted dream
From not so distant past
As oblivion; and
I am hopeful,
What was once ours
Can surely be found.

Adolescence was in fact queer,
To me,
And the rest of us,
Facing the unknown,
What we were told,
Were risks;
Stopped to be questioned
By the elders all along;
Yet every moment,
However small
Or insignificant,
Made us feel so special,
Adorned with happiness-
I have never been so much alive!

I had it in me,
All of us had it within,
We could see through the darkness,
And not know what fear is,
Get hurt
Yet never cry;
We could give away
Everything we ever had,
We could set out,
Lost, and
Find our way home,
We could live a different life every day.

Growing up has a story,
That is all about
Being unfathomably candid
For all; and
The innocence,
I think, is never lost
It just gets tarnished with age,
We keep looking for it
Not hard enough.

I am linking this poem to dVerse Poet’s OpenLinkNight~Week42. The poems from the same night can be found here. Enjoy poetry.

6 thoughts on “Tell a tale

  1. i think we can def. keep some of that innocence and spirit when we grow up but it also brings a certain amount of vulnerability with it and i think that sometimes we’re a bit afraid of this… i liked your poem much abhra

    •  cmschoenfeld Hi Claudia,  I am really glad that you liked my poem and I must admit that dVersePoets  I am really able to connect to poets. I definitely believe that we can keep some of that innocence as we grow up. 

  2. I fight the battle every day to hang on to some of the little girl I used to be.  So much of those times have shaped and made us into the people we’ve become…and I never want to stop growing, and never want to be the person to resist change.

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