I have a small mud-house
Shady, comfortable
As a soothing nest,
There is no strong wind
At the advent of summer
That can rip it apart.
No heavy rain,
That can wash the straw roof away-
It is not big enough
But makes the perfect home.

I have two children;
Brightest of the lot,
I can not afford new books or clothes for them
Every year,
Yet they
Love me and tell me
I am the best father
And their role model
Knowing I went to jail once
For the smuggling,
I still have to do
When I am out of
Business, off season.

I have the woman
Who always wait for me
No matter how late I am,
We have been married
For years
I can not even
Remember, still
I can see in the dim lamp
That she blushes
When I look at her from the bed;
Ignoring the scent of
The other woman in the city
I have been with
In those festive months
When I am away with my drums,
I think she loves me,

When I look out of my window
All I see is green,
I have everything
In a different life

Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee

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