There is a world
At the end of the tunnel,
New people,
Whose voices are echoed,
Live on a sea shore,
Happy, smiling
There is a sunshine
That they are happy about,
There is a rain
That they want to embrace,
Their laughter
Does not die down
with the noise of the traffic,
A sight of heavenly distant horizon
Does not fade
Among the fiery shades of red
when the dust
sets the skyline ablaze;
He knows it is time
To throw away the crushed soda can
From his ears, and open his eyes.
The boy has a city to clean,
Dreams can wait.

While browsing through twits, I found this – “Finding poetry in a seashell is easy. Show me poetry in a crushed soda can. Show me how you can put that can to your ear and hear the ocean”, which inspires me to write this. I have seen many children in my city walking around the streets, stations collecting garbage. May be it is an ode to them.

I would like to know what you think about this :

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