A few lines were scribbled, a few words were struck through, blotches of ink here and there on the crinkled paper – as it was, did not aesthetically look like a letter, but Anita read on.
“I don’t know how to tell you, I like you ever since I saw you first time. I love to hear when you speak. I feel like I am dreaming”, then there was something she could not read.
“I cannot look into your eyes. I feel so shy, but I pick up a fight with others to get a close view, every other day.” She stopped at scribbled words, again.
“When you sit on your chair and cross your legs, I feel so uneasy but I cannot take my eyes off. I jabbed one’s nose who was talking dirty about the blouse you wore yesterday. I love you. I cannot stand anyone talking about you. Do you want to know who I am? ”
Anita shuddered. The crumpled piece of paper was definitely from a notebook. Slowly she looked up at the faces in her class.

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