“I cannot believe”, he wanted to add – she did it, but stopped. He was way too excited.
“Well, you can see for yourself”, his friend sighed.
“I am at a loss. I don’t know what to say. It was such a lovely house, so beautiful and something I have always been jealous of you for. How long did it take to build, long for sure?”
“Ah! No less than two years I guess”, he kept his voice low, looking at it now. Everything looked like a mess. Broken pieces of everything shattered.
“It was not just a house. It was a work of art. I could compare with. You started with nothing and then you got all those wonderful ideas, you adorned with just perfect little souvenirs from all around.” He could not hold his thoughts, while his friend remained unduly calm.
“But it was her house too. How could she tear it down?”
“Mood swings, I guess.”
“So two of you are cool after this?”
“Yeah, fortunately love is not so fragile!”
For the next few moments they sipped beer silently, looking at the debris of what used to be a miniature of Alok’s dream house that he made of matchsticks, pebbles, plastic, glasses and what not!

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