10 years & 43 inches

Had it been a tale of sheer happiness We’d be living a bland, summer afternoon As sultry as it can it can get in our mouth Yet we tasted melting rainbows, and Lighting shiver at the tip of our tongue; A faint blame for fate, fled gleefully Had it been a tale of sheer joy … Continue reading

The good bye train

The good-bye train Oh! the good-bye train You’re here~ & somehow, the world I know is about to fade. My home, my garden My books, my violin Can’t pack a life in a backpack now Can we? Steaming, whistling Smiling, jostling You’re so ready You lucky wheels Roll your life on the go – but … Continue reading


Ocean is not our distance Silence is~ we fathom it Yet we get nowhere Possibilities asleep in seeds We are prisoners our In our own fortress A gift of light, warmth and rain and we can be As alive As we want to be Love is not our redemption Togetherness is a myth Yet we … Continue reading


Part of me instills the fear that one day Ambling on the bank of plush green lake, In lukewarm and sultry shadows of banyan and peepal, Would be my last, and my footsteps on soft mud smeared, overstepped. Well, as much as disillusioned perpetual reality Eternity may seem like, Isn’t exactly what I nurture, Standing … Continue reading